Rose-Act Saturday School, the Rays of Hope school programme that invests in the future of the children of Alexandra, is proud to announce the appointment of Bafana Mohale, who will take on the role of principal at the school as of 1 March 2020.

Bafana is focused on further improving the English and Maths marks of the nearly 300 children from grade 4-9 who attend classes at the Central Johannesburg College, Alexandra Campus. To do this, he plans to engage with parents as well as learners to get feedback on what worked and what didn’t in the past. He will then engage with the educators to ensure that any challenges the school was faced with are addressed and eliminated.   

“I’ve always wanted to make a difference in education and taking on this position will ensure that I’m able to do so,” says Bafana Mohale. “As the principal of Rose-Act, I intend on working with the volunteer tutors to not only equip our learners with the necessary skills to better their lives but also work towards strengthening the system that exists so that our tutors, who are often bombarded with administrative work, can focus on spending even more time in the classroom, improving our children’s English and Maths marks.”

By recruiting more volunteers who can tackle Rose-Act admin duties, Bafana believes the school can free up enough of the educators’ time to enable them to dedicate even more of their energy towards teaching the children and ensuring that they can benefit from the system. These extra volunteers will also assist in the classes every Saturday.

The school provides social and spiritual enrichment through holiday clubs, an annual camp and extramural activities, all in a bid to positively impact the children’s well-being as well as their academic results. The Saturday School encourages the growth of students’ self-belief and nurtures hope for a meaningful future.

In his new role, Bafana has set his sights on streamlining school processes by spending time with the educators during the week and going over the school’s curriculum to ensure they are well-prepared for the Saturday classes. He believes that collectively, the school staff and volunteers can work towards realising Rose-Act’s vision for the community of Alexandra.

For 29 years, Rays of Hope has been impacting the lives of vulnerable children in Alexandra. With its deeply-rooted community-based focus, the programme has facilitated lasting change through a range of programmes aimed at developing the community.