Boosting ‘soft’ skills to boost job security

AlexWorks is a social enterprise launched by Rays of Hope to generate revenue for our various projects by training and equipping workers in Johannesburg and people from Alexandra entering the workplace with the ‘soft’ skills they need to be successful at work. The company plans to work on a 5 for 1 model, which means that for every five people attending paid training, we will train one person for free to equip him/her to become work-ready.

These life-skills and work-readiness training programmes cost just R5,000 per person, and are SETA-accredited. They include topics such as goals and time management, personal finance management, understanding employer/employee relationships, and diversity, relationships and communication.

Using a social enterprise model means that AlexWorks achieves multiple outcomes for all stakeholders involved:

  • Workers who are sponsored by their employers to complete the AlexWorks programme will integrate into workplaces more effectively, launching into long-term careers and reducing staff turnover.
  • Alexandra residents who complete the programme through Rays of Hope are better equipped to enter the workplace and even to start their own businesses.
  • Companies sending their employees on the AlexWorks programme can claim their investment as part of their B-BBEE Skills Development contribution.
  • Companies can contribute to their B-BBEE scores by appointing AlexWorks as a training supplier, and allocating their Supplier Development spend to the project.
  • Rays of Hope earns an income, with funds to be used to support its eight other projects that improve the lives of Alexandra’s residents, including early childhood development, home based care, food distribution, Gogos of Hope, Ithemba Labantwana, Roseact Saturday School, and Ignition.

Courses are run in groups of 10 – 20 people, with Saturday morning group coaching sessions to embed the learning.If you are interested in learning more about the AlexWorks life-skills and work-readiness training programme, whether it’s to arrange training for your workers or to sponsor other people to benefit from the programme, please contact Tracey on [email protected]