Business partner profile – In The Kitchen.


In The Kitchen, a corporate food solutions and catering company, has supported Rays of Hope since 2011, whether it’s by employing people who are part of Rays of Hope’s programmes, or catering for the annual Gogos of Hope Christmas Lunch. The company also provides fresh fruit for the RoseAct programme once a month, as well as various other Rays of Hope events and functions.

“We have a passion to make a difference in people’s lives, and one of the biggest ways we can do that is by employing people we meet through Rays of Hope,” says In the Kitchen’s co-founder and group CEO, Grant Coote.

“We are essentially an entry level employer and therefore can offer employment for somebody who is disadvantaged and does not have a qualification. In turn, someone who starts out with us as a general worker could grow into being a cook, chef, cashier or waiter. We believe that by doing this we are making a difference and really giving somebody a chance in life

“Additionally, we see the food initiatives as a genuine responsibility, that we do willingly,” he says.

In The  Kitchenis a contract Catering Company and provides catering services to many well-known corporates. It provides a wide range of meals to staff and for meetings and functions, with everything from budget to five star options.

“We are also looking at developing a training centre, where we could grow our partnership with Rays of Hope even further,” Coote explains.