In response to the shack fires in South Africa, Put-It-Out invented the world’s cheapest fire extinguisher for rural communities. This cost-effective gamechanger, that depends on the simplest science, is designed to save lives by avoiding shack fires raging through informal communities in South Africa.

Small enough to keep in a shack, maintenance-free, and offering an almost instant fire extinguisher that stops small fires from growing into big fires, Put-It-Out is a smart, simple intervention certified by the CSIR that can save lives and prevent devastating damage to property.

Put-it-out was founded by Toil Altounis, an entrepreneur who supplied spaza shops across the country. He designed the fire extinguisher after being exposed to the devastation of a shack fire in Khayalitsha in 2015, and wanted to find a way to help South Africa’s 5.4 million people who live in informal dwellings – most of which are built using highly combustible materials.

Rays of Hope is seeking sponsorship for Put-it-Out fire extinguishers to be distributed to people living in informal households in Alexandra. If you or your business would like to prevent loss of life, and help preserve precious property, please contact Tracey Peppler on [email protected]