F-Secure Cyber Security, a global company with a South African operation of 110 employees, has collaborated with the Masibambisane Empowerment Trust as B-BBEE partner of choice, achieving a Level 4 B-BBEE status and helping the company better serve the needs of its clients.

Rays of Hope is the sole beneficiary of the Trust, and all income generated by the Trust is used to further Rays of Hope’s work in Alexandra, and to extend its partnerships to the benefit of the township’s people.

The agreement was concluded on 1 October 2019, when the Trust acquired a 30 percent stake in the South African operation of F-Secure Cyber Security, giving it a Level 4 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status.

After conducting the necessary due-diligence, F-Secure Cyber Security’s contribution to the Trust aligns to the codes of good practice while supporting South African economic growth through the operation of a broad-based ownership scheme.

“F-Secure Cyber Security is committed to B-BBEE and to contributing to meaningful change in South Africa,” says Harry Grobbelaar, commercial vice president at F-Secure Cyber Security. “Our focus on graduate development programmes given the IT security skills shortage is testament to our focus on skills development both locally and globally. A partnership of this nature will help achieve broader reach in our ongoing efforts to develop and nurture exceptional talent.”

F-Secure Cyber Security South Africa chose the Masibambisane Empowerment Trust as its B-BBEE partner because its values and aspirations were aligned with the company’s own goals.

“We firmly believe in skills transfer and development, given the gap in cyber and technical skills on local and global scales, and we are looking forward to developing graduates in these specialised fields,” Grobbelaar says. “Several members of our staff complement are already engaging with various Rays of Hope development projects, and we are looking forward to engaging with the Rays of Hope team even more in the future.”