First Day Joys

Nthabiseng (4) is the youngest of 3 children whose mother came to South Africa from Lesotho and settled in Alexandra. Her family has made a lot of progress since Rays of Hope took them on the programme. Their granny, who has been the primary guardian of the children since their mother died in 2013, expressed to me her worries about the 4-year-old not being in crèche and the danger she faces playing in the streets of Alex.

Gogo’s health has been deteriorating and she is no longer strong enough to keep up with the energetic 4-year old’s whereabouts during the day. She wished she could afford to take Nthabiseng to a crèche and that she had the right South African documentation to be admitted into one. As the fieldworker assigned to that family I let the rest of the team know about this and we got to work to see how we can use Rays of Hope’s resources and partners to help.

Finally, in January this year I went to tell Nthabiseng (4) that from tomorrow she would be going to crèche. This little girl jumped with joy! Oh and the smile on her face – it was just breathtaking!

The following morning when I arrived to fetch her to take her to crèche I found her on the street waiting for me! The moment she saw me, she came running and jumped on me. As we walked there she was smiling all the way, telling everyone we met that she is going to crèche and people applauded her and encouraged her. It was beautiful! Thanks to Rays of Hope for paying for Nthabiseng to go to crèche. – Dikeledi Phiri (fieldworker).