In December 2019 and for a second year running the FNB Fiduciary team volunteered hours of community service to Rays of Hope, where they packed 45 food parcels, made sandwiches and served tea for the Gogos of Hope, for a celebratory year-end party. In 2018, the team prepared manicure and massage stations, and prepared and served a delicious lunch for the same group, before setting up a dance-floor for some proper light-hearted fun!

Gogo-headed households remain the norm in Alexandra, where grandmothers have lost or buried their children, and become parents once again. They are the unsung heroes of communities and fill in the family gap as nurturers for the next generation.

The Rays of Hope Gogos support group provides a place where grannies in Alexandra can be cared for, encouraged and supported, so that they can carry their unexpected and untimely burden effectively. They are also taught skills like crocheting, sewing and beading, which assists them to supplement their income and support their families.

Speaking of their time with the gogos, volunteer Nolitha Tiiba said, “It goes beyond just giving back, it is about thanking people who have gone over and beyond, when they no longer needed to, to ensure their loved ones are taken care of. It is to remind the gogos that their work and strength is appreciated and that they are not forgotten.”

Rays of Hope is professional in every way and makes volunteering easy for corporates because they have professional structures in place. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face and showing our gratitude and appreciation to the gogos goes beyond our purpose of HELP,” said Given Makgoba, a member of the FNB Wealth and Investments team.

“We wanted to give them a helping hand that will last for more than a day and to remind them that they’re not forgotten by us (children). Our volunteering efforts have not only elevated our spirits but has also given us as a team a bigger purpose to live beyond our daily work activities.”