Fundraising for the Green House

Thanks to the generosity of businesses like Mediacom and Wavemaker, as well as other kind souls in the community, Rays of Hope is R200,000 closer to our goal of purchasing the ‘Green House’, a space where we plan to expand our service offerings in the Alexandra community. However, we need R1.8 million to purchase the house, and we’ve still got a long way to go.

Rays of Hope currently owns three houses – one is our office, and the other is a foster home for abandoned and orphaned children. The third is simply too small for our intended purposes, which is to create a space where we will not only be able to accommodate more Rays of Hope activities, but also facilitate corporate training and generate revenue for Rays of Hope, through our registered for-profit company, AlexWorks (Pty) Ltd.

We’ve identified a property that we’ve nicknamed the ‘Green House’, and plan to convert it into a welcoming learning environment that caters to the needs of all Rays of Hope stakeholders, staff and beneficiaries. The space will be divided into two big training rooms, which can be opened out to accommodate everything from staff meetings and parents’ workshops to community dialogue sessions. There will also be space for counselling rooms, a computer lab, a library and coffee area, a catering kitchen, and a recreational area in the double-garage for young people to use in the afternoons and weekends.

Earn Enterprise Development (ED) points for your contributions to the Green House project – Get in touch with Tracey Peppler for more information: