Gogo Mthalo and the five children that she looks after faced many cold and frightening nights in their dwelling made from corrugated sheeting, wood, cardboard and plastic, literally held together with string and wire. Not only were they exposed to the elements, but electrical cables dangling over a flimsy roof above their heads were an accident waiting to happen.

Rays of Hope’s social workers knew they needed to help Gogo Mthalo. Using the funds raised from Rays of Hope’s recent Little x Little campaign on GlobalGiving as well as donations from other generous souls, Gogo’s new home took just five days to be completed – just in time for the rainy season.

Being able to live in a new place that won’t collapse with the slightest breeze ensures the family is able to stay safe and warm and has restored their dignity. As part of its approach to provide ongoing support for the family’s sustained wellbeing, Rays of Hope will also ensure that the children are attending school, counsel the family to help them deal with all that they have experienced, provide a monthly food hamper, and provide unconditional care and love.

Your donations help us make a major difference in the lives of so many, restoring dignity, faith and hope to the most vulnerable children and families in Alexandra. Please continue to donate and help us bring truly meaningful and lasting change to people like Gogo Mthalo and her wonderful family.