Becoming a mom when you’re still almost a child yourself is incredibly tough. For girls who get pregnant in high school and the years right after school, it’s difficult to tell what the next few months and years will look like.

Rays of Hope recently started a Young Moms’ Support Group, specifically for teen moms in Alexandra under the age of 20 years. This is a safe space in a non-judgmental environment where the young moms are respected and loved.

They get the opportunity to talk about changing plans, finishing school, career paths, finances, relationships, friendships and more. Most importantly they talk about how to bond and relate to their children. We aim to help them become a generation of great mothers.

We are especially excited about a partnership with Save The Children who will be running a course called “Positive Parenting” with the group. This will give them the right foundations on which to raise their children, despite, in all likelihood, not having good role-models.