Growing up in Alexandra Township under challenging circumstances is very difficult, and even more so if you are an orphan. Nokubonga, a 19-year-old young woman, lost her mother during the hard lockdown in 2020, and was left to fend for her four siblings, the youngest being just one year and two months old.

At the age of 19, Nokubonga had become a surrogate mother with no parenting skills. She had to care for and protect her siblings, do all the cleaning, cooking, washing, bathing of her siblings and adjust to a lifestyle change, from teenager to parenthood, overnight.

She had to drop out of school when her mother fell ill and still yearns to complete her matric.

Nokubonga has faced numerous new challenges since then, including no longer receiving her mother’s grant money, nor her own child grant, as she is over 18. The shack that they live in, located next to the Jukskei River, is small and currently accommodates eight people – her aunt also moved in with her two children. The shack floods with water whenever it rains.

Rays of Hope took Nokubonga and her siblings into the Ithemba Labantwana programme in October 2020 and has been supporting the siblings with home visits to check how they are coping, providing counselling, food parcels and clothes, and taking them to school. The programme is now in the process of building them a proper house away from the river.

Like any other child, Nokubonga has big dreams about her life and wishes to achieve them. She has every potential – and the ambition – to become a Future Legend.

Rays of Hope is calling on you to Invest in Alex’s Future Legends for the coming year. For a fixed monthly amount of between R400 and R1,250, you can make it possible for a child to participate in one of Rays of Hope’s programmes, either through Ithemba Labantwana Vulnerable Children or RoseAct Saturday School, where they can take advantage of countless benefits, including:

  • Regular food parcels
  • Counselling
  • Annual medical check-ups
  • Weekly maths and English classes
  • Holiday clubs during the school break.

By signing up, Rays of Hope will allocate a child to you, and send a report twice a year on what’s been happening with the child you sponsor, and the programme they’re involved in.

If you and/or your company would be interested in sponsoring Nokubonga or another Future Legend, please visit our sponsorship page.