Lesego Ntsoane, a 20-year old from Alex, is realising his dreams and pursuing his love for photography through the Yes4Youth campaign. He is funded by a corporate and hosted at Rays of Hope to gain a year of work experience. He is one of eight young people gaining experience across Rays of Hope.

Yes4Youth is an initiative that recognises and supports the potential in our youth – something that aligns well with the core values of Rays of Hope. We are proud to be able to partner with Yes4Youth to provide Ntsoane with the opportunity to gain on-the-job photography experience which enables Rays of Hope to have top-class photos for social media and other communication channels for the year, while Yes4Youth provides the support and mentoring he needs.

“I’m so passionate about photography and I was so glad that I can build my portfolio and also enhance my photography skills,” says Ntsoane. “I was a photographer but now I feel like a storyteller.

“I’m currently doing home visits as I aspire to be a minister too, and this gives me an opportunity to learn more about how to handle difficult conversations and give people hope for the future,” he says. “I do my part to serve the community, and I’m just blessed that I can get paid doing it.”

Having now purchased photography equipment, Ntsoane says he is thrilled to be able to take his own high quality pictures, and hopes to one day open his own photography studio.

Find out more about Yes4Youth at www.yes4youth.co.za and if you would like to sponsor a young  person to gain experience while being hosted at Rays of Hope or a partner organisation in Alex, please contact Tracey Peppler at [email protected].