Rays of Hope has been assisting the community of Alexandra to move from vulnerability to independence for over 32 years, and

 it is through the valuable contributions from staff like Mahlatse Mabaso, Maite Blantina and Persley Ramogale that this is possible. Having started out as students at RoseAct Saturday School, all three have now blossomed into active members of the Learning and Development team at Rays of Hope, with Mahlatse having joined this year as the Assistant Leader.

“Rays of Hope has transformed my life with a possibility of a bright future through education and improvement with my social engagement within society, thinking beyond my limitations and growing spiritually and educationally as well. RoseAct guided and taught me to overcome despite all odds that life throws at me,” says Persley Ramogale.

Once positions opened at Rays of Hope, Persley, Mahlatse and Maite all jumped at the possibility of being part of the NGO that had made such an impact on their lives already. “I have always wanted to work in an environment that allows me to interact with the youth and hold their hand to success. When I saw the post at Rays of Hope, I knew that it was my chance and time. I believed that I could contribute to the positive change they have made in my community,” says Mahlatse Mabaso.

While Persley and Maite have worked at Rays of Hope for a few years now, they are enjoying the fact that there is still so much to learn, and so many opportunities for growth they can take advantage of in the future.

“I have learned a lot over the past few years – to be patient, to voice my opinion, to work well with other people and accept their differences and talents (strength and weaknesses) in the working environment,” says Maite Blantina.

“We are so proud of Maite, Persley and Mahlatse and the growth and development they have shown over the last few years. They have become role models within the community and have shown the youth that if you work hard, anything is possible,” concludes Bafana Mohale, Learning and Development Leader at Rays of Hope.