Rays of Hope is thrilled to welcome John Chauke as a permanent member on our staff team, as he takes on the roles of Gender-Based Violence Field Worker and Boys Support Group Facilitator.

“I believe I got this opportunity because I am persevering, hardworking and eager to learn, and I strive to reach my goals,” he says.

Having joined Rays of Hope in 2020 to help with packing and distributing food parcels, Chauke’s determination and passion for helping others earned him a place in Rays of Hope’s Y.E.S internship programme, designed to give young people real-world, on-the-job work experience.

In his current role, Chauke is directly involved with families in the community and conducts weekly home visits to check in on the well-being of members. He is also involved in gender-based violence education at schools and plays an active role in advocating for the rights of children and families. Building partnerships with other community organisations in Alex, as well as stakeholders and government departments, is a major area of his focus too.

“I learn a lot about others in this role, which is big motivator for me. Children need someone to spend time with them and to give them love. All I want to achieve is to build up young boys, and to be an example to them so that they can be great and responsible men in the future,” says Chauke.

“My hope for Alex is to see brave young people taking big risks to create the futures they deserve, and for better opportunities for the community of Alexandra as a whole,” he concludes.