While the Ithemba Labantwana programme focuses primarily on orphaned and vulnerable children in Alex, in many cases the parents and caregivers of these children need their own support. This prompted the start of a Parents Support Group.  

Twenty-five adults arrived for the first meeting, and our senior social worker helped them to start working through unresolved traumas that have affected their approach to parenting, and provided much-needed psychological support.  

This programme, which will continue every Wednesday, aims to strengthen and stabilise family units to minimise the abuse and neglect of children in the Alexandra community, making it possible for children to grow up in healthy families, with healthy relationships, so that they can become secure and thriving adults.  

This initiative followed a training session offered by Dr Rachel Zaidman-Mograbi, who spent time with Ithemba Labantwana’s field workers, social workers and other support staff. She shared the importance of parent-child bonding and secure attachment with the team, equipping them in turn to support the guardians, parents and foster parents in the community.