Ensuring your B-BBEE spend makes a meaningful impact on those who need it most as well as making it truly work for your business comes down to choosing the right B-BBEE partner.

Rays of Hope is a registered NPO with more than a 30-year track record of bringing lasting change to Alexandra and the people we work with. Our affidavit confirms the 100% Black beneficiaries. All cash donations are eligible for a Section 18A certificate too.

Partnership opportunities

As part of the Rays of Hope stable, the Masibambisane Empowerment Trust is a broad-based Ownership trust with 100% black South African and 50% female beneficiaries that businesses can choose to partner with.

AlexWorks (Pty) Ltd is a Level 1 Black-owned company that recycles printer cartridges, thereby providing work for a few men from Alex. For businesses in search of an Enterprise Development (ED) partner, AlexWorks accepts all types of ED donations.

As a registered NPO, Rays of Hope provides the perfect partner for Socio-Economic Development (SED) donations. We’d love to partner with you with the goal of driving change in Alex and at the same time giving you a tax break. For all cash donations made before the tax year-end, we’ll send you a Section 18A tax deductible certificate. Simply make a donation and send the POP to [email protected].