Early Childhood Development

Rays of Hope ignites the spark of learning in young children by focusing on early childhood development in Alexandra Township. Our programmes provide essential educational foundations, nurturing care, and developmental resources, setting the stage for lifelong learning. Through interactive play and targeted interventions, we ensure that every child has the best start in life.


Education Support

The learning and development department provides world-class educational programmes to children in Alexandra Township, from early childhood development to extra-curricular classes through Rose Act Saturday School for grades 1 to 11. Rays of Hope prioritises quality Early Childhood Development and Mathematics, Coding and English as the fundamental components of a child’s development.


Psychosocial Support

Meeting the psychosocial needs of a child involves caring for their emotional and social well-being. Our psychosocial support department consists of qualified, experienced and dedicated social workers as well as social auxiliary workers, equipped to help support and guide through a range of services. Read more about the psychosocial support services we offer.