Approximately one million neural connections form in a child’s brain each second between the ages of two and three, making it one of the most crucial periods in their lives. As a result, they learn more during these early years than at any other point in their lives.

At this age, the child’s mind and body are always working at full speed because of their curiosity. Studies have shown that early childhood education results in better concentration, communication, and listening skills, following instructions, and completing tasks. Additionally, early childhood education gives a child an immeasurable mental boost.

According to the ECD (early childhood development) Census 2021, only 25% of South Africa’s estimated 6.7 million children under six are enrolled in an early learning program on any given day.

Rays of Hope’s Sponsor a Child initiative enables individuals from all walks of life to assist and sponsor children ranging in age from three to post-matric with five different offerings. Offering educational tools and nutritional meals, the initiative ensures that children have a strong foundation upon which they can thrive.

Our sponsorship packages below outline what each child you sponsor would receive. The sponsorship amount is different for each group, based on the programme elements that are relevant for that age. In all cases, you will sponsor a specific child and will receive a photo of “your sponsored child” as well as two reports during the year on his or her progress.

Tots (2 – 6 years)

  • Daily attendance at the ECD centre in Stwetla
  • Ensuring each class has a teacher and an assistant
  • Nutritional meals – on arrival, snacks, and lunch
  • A spacious play area
  • Preparation for entry into Grade 0 at local schools
  • Provision of educational toys, puzzles, and books
  • A sleeping mat for midday naps
  • Library area
  • Fun days and two outings a year
  • Parenting workshops
  • Psychosocial support as needed (child dependent)

Tumblers (Grade 1 – 3)

  • Transport from school to our offices on three afternoons a week; transport home afterwards
  • Healthy lunch each afternoon
  • English language learning in preparation for Grade 4 (when teaching is done in English)
  • Reinforcement of Maths concepts learnt at school
  • Fun educational games
  • Access to a library and having stories read to them
  • Fun days and two outings a year
  • Parenting workshops
  • Psychosocial support as needed (child dependent)


Fill out this form and sponsor a child today. Once you sponsor a child, you will receive regular updates on their journey. By partnering with Rays of Hope to brighten the future of children in Alexandra, you will help reduce the vulnerability that these young people face and be able to count yourself as part of the solution.