OneSight, a non-profit aimed at eradicating the vison care crisis globally, recently partnered with Rays of Hope to help ensure better eye care for our staff, grannies, learners and the wider Alexandra community. With OneSight’s help, a total of 450 people received high-level eye screening and supplied with glasses where necessary.

In line with Rays of Hope’s ethos of empowering people, OneSight also provided some of our staff members with training on how to perform basic eye screening tests, which will allow us to continue the work of ensuring improved eye care and health going forward.

OneSight has impacted over 37 million people in 53 countries across the world and counting—creating opportunity and sustainable change along the way, starting in 1988 with an idea to give away 25 pairs of glasses to local kids who couldn’t afford them.

“The experience is always emotional, you get to have people in their 50s or 60s who have never had an eye examination in their lives and OneSight brought that to them,” says Lameez Eksteen, Country Manager for OneSight. “The reaction we got from some of the beneficiaries who got their glasses on the same day was just priceless. Working with Rays of Hope showed that they really knew the community and that made it easy for us as well to be able to do our work.”

Read more about OneSight and its incredible work, here.