For the youth of Alex, who often fall through the cracks of South Africa’s education system and find themselves far behind in the school curriculum, being able to learn in an environment that is dedicated to educating children at their own pace and feeling a sense of achievement at the end of the day means the world.

This is exactly what Sparrow Schools is for several young people from Alex who are fortunate enough to attend, thanks to bursaries that were afforded to them by the school, as well as several corporate sponsored bursaries. “We believe in the work that Rays of Hope do with young children in Alexandra and we both have a common vision: to educate young children and eradicate poverty,” says Jackie Gallagher, Sparrow Schools Educational Trust General Manager. “We believe that this can only happen if we assist with educating as many children as we can together.”

This year marks six years that Sparrow Schools and Rays of Hope have worked alongside one another toward the common goal of educating young people according to their unique learning needs and at a pace that is comfortable for each one.

“Because of the traumas many young people face growing up in Alex, they often fall behind in school. Many cannot identify numbers or spell simple words,” says Bertha Muchadeyi, Programme Manager at Rays of Hope. “Sparrow are incredible, and have educational specialists who are able to assess children and help them achieve more in the classroom.”

Sparrow Schools prepare children and youth who live with learning difficulties to become income-generators through comprehensive education, vocational skills training and intensive learner support initiatives. This is encompassed by a Foundation School that accommodates learners from grade one to grade seven, and a learner-centric Combine Technical Skills School that provides learners with skills that boost their employability across industries.

Relationships like these are crucial for the development and empowerment of South African youth. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how you and your organisation can work with Rays of Hope to help bring lasting change to Alex.