Tales of Capacity

It is my job to fetch the children from school to take them to homework club every day after school. I always look forward to seeing the excitement on children’s faces when they see the Rays of Hope “bus” parked outside their school gate.

On this particular day I had no expectation of how this everyday trip would be any different. As we pulled up to one of the schools the children waited for us as normal, except today there were many more children than we usually pick up. One of our regular learners who is in Grade 3 ran up to me and excitedly started to narrate to me that she had told other children at her school about her “other mum” (ROH Fieldworker assigned to her family). This “mum” comes to visit her at home and she gets to go to Rays of Hope, where she gets help with homework and things she doesn’t understand in class and gets gifts as well.

She also told them that they too can come to Rays of Hope with her afterschool because the Rays of Hope car fetches them from the gate. I secretly choked up at this, as I looked at all these excited and expectant children that I would have to leave behind and break their spirits because we didn’t have capacity. As we drove away I wished that we had more volunteers, more space, just more capacity. In the same breath I was glad that God is a provider and the fact that our children see the value in what we do with them at Homework Club. – Tsholofelo Mabeleng (Fieldworker).