The baby finds her feet

Nikita is the youngest member of the homework club – and she’s also the sneakiest! When we began homework club, she needed her own designated minder to sit with her the whole of homework club, because as soon as you looked away, she would disappear. This was a big problem because we didn’t have enough volunteers to have one person focus on only her.

Through patience and positive reinforcement, we have seen a new Nikita. She now sits quietly and does her puzzles, colouring-in and many other educational games until she is finished.

She cannot wait to show anyone who is willing to look at the work that she has done! She loves learning and showing off all the new things she is learning at her new school, Sparrow Foundation School. In her joy she will shout out random words like “yellow” to show you what she has been learning.

We are so grateful for the partnership with Sparrow, supported by the Old Mutual Foundation