UK-born Claire Morrison has been living in South Africa for the past two years. During her time in the country, she has been volunteering to help Rays of Hope manage the clothes that are donated on a weekly basis. A small group of ladies have been assisting her in tackling this task by working together on Friday mornings 

It wasn’t until one meeting in 2018 that the ladies decided to explore ways of increasing the contributions made towards Rays of Hope’s programmes. Claire and the ladies realised that it was time to change the way things were done by making donations more organised, substantial and consistent.   

Claire and the group of volunteers witnessed their 2018 dream come to fruition when they hosted the very first Rays of Hope jumble sale in October 2019. The sale ran for a week and the public, including the Alexandra Township community, was invited to purchase items priced between R10 and R20.  

The goal of the sale was to cover the cost of running Rays of Hope’s Home-Based Care programme for the year 2020. However, the jumble sale went on to raise an astonishing R30 000, with the proceeds allowing Home-Based Care to not only cover running costs but also purchase necessities, such as toiletries, clothes and items that were financially out of their reach or generally hard to come by from donations, for Alexandra-based patients.   

Home-Based Care is a programme that has been running for over 10 years and is comprised of a team of volunteers who visit the sick and dying, particularly HIV/AIDS patients, in Alexandra Township. They provide advice, comfort and spiritual support, food, clothing, bed linen and even household equipment.  

The immense difference the proceeds from the jumble sale will have on the Home-Based Care programme has inspired the team of volunteers to extend the jumble sale into the coming months – using the funds to cover even more Rays of Hope programmes. 

The next jumble sale will take place on November 2019, with one more sale held before the year comes to an end, at the beginning of December 2019.  

Rays of Hope depends on passionate and committed volunteers, like Claire, to help run various projects. The organisation encourages people to get involved from hands-on work to administrative support and even marketing.