For high school learners across the country, completing community service hours is a mandatory part of their schooling years, requiring learners to spend their time in aid of and service to others.

Not only is this a way to give young people an edge when it comes to university and job acceptances, but – more importantly – it’s a system that ensures communities like Alexandra receive much-needed goods, services and support. When approached in the right spirit, community service programmes can help make a huge difference in the lives of people in need.

In 2021, the Rays of Hope Community Hours programme for high schools made a significant contribution to our work in Alex. We received:

  • 2,256 loaves of sandwiches, equating to 18 048 sandwiches
  • 6,624 hot dogs
  • 522 party packs
  • 5,376 muffins
  • 1,650 meals in a bag
  • 3,690 packets of fruit
  • 76 Christmas gift boxes for children

These incredible contributions were in addition to gifts for volunteers, workbooks put together for our Saturday School, assistance with donations sorting (an often-time-consuming affair!), toiletry hamper donations for special occasions, cakes for birthdays, and Easter eggs over April.

We are proud and grateful for the impact that was made in 2021, and invite you and your school to join our programme and make a real difference this year.

Contact Lindi Nkiti at [email protected] for more information.