It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

Hlayisanani Day Care Centre

We are very proud of our new day care centre that we took over in January 2021. It’s a beautiful creche in the middle of Stwetla, where up to 72 young children receive quality pre-primary education. This centre has a well-equipped play ground, which is very seldom found in Alex.

Good early childhood development education is essential to provide a solid foundation to further learning at school.

Sponsorship opportunities exist for each of the little ones attending the centre, as their fees only cover a small percentage of the costs. 
Click here to find out how to sponsor a little future legend!

Supporting other creches in Alex

What’s our approach due to COVID-19?
The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the creches that we support, as they have been closed for 5 months. In order to re-open they need to put strict health and safety measures in place, so Rays of Hope is supporting them to do that. In addition, we are sourcing children-size masks and shields.

How else do we assist?
Imagine between 30 and 80 little children actively engaged in learning; being taught that “school” is fun and singing loud and upbeat songs. That’s what our programme aims to achieve through equipping the caregivers with the skills and knowledge to nurture 0 – 6-year olds to grow, develop and thrive in their community.

Each crèche is equipped with a book corner and the caregivers are taught how to read stories in a dynamic and interactive way.

The kitchen has a healthy rotating menu that provides adequate nutrition for the children.  The nutrition programme is supported through the supply of peanut butter, fortified porridge and assistance with fresh vegetables and fruit once a week.

When possible, we organise workshops for the owners and caregivers to upskill them through engagement with education-related specialists.

You can be part of the change
  • “Adopt a day-care” – an initiative to partner corporates with day-cares in Alex
  • Sponsorship of an ECD learnership (funded through Skills Development)
  • Donations of educational toys and books
  • Donations towards fortified porridge and peanut butter / tinned fish.
be part of THE change now
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